Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Learn How To Make Candy Bouquets and Other Amazing Candy Decorations!

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Do it yourself candy bouquets make wonderful fun family crafts. A clean, simple alternative to sitting and watching TV.

Unlike real flowers, nothing wilts, needs water, or carries thorns or pesticides. (Just be careful of chocolates on hot days.)

A candy gift bouquet or other decoration can make a beautiful, unique handmade gift for little money.
Just think ...
  • Birthdays
  • Mother's Day / Father's Day
  • Handmade teacher gifts
  • cheap romantic gift ideas (but oh, so personal. And different!)
  • Easter
  • 25th anniversary wedding gifts
  • or look at these handmade Valentine's gift ideas:

Or think centerpieces for parties ...
  • Beach party centerpiece
  • Kids party centerpiece
  • Theme party centerpiece
  • Anniversary party centerpiece
  • Baby shower centerpiece
Or even consider do it yourself candy bouquets for gifts for baby shower guests, or ideas for a wedding centerpiece.

Or even ...
... a do it yourself bridal bouquet. Don't laugh. I have seen posts from women who decried fresh flowers as a "waste." Even brides themselves. Especially the bridal toss bouquet.

Here is a combination of ideas I have seen for a bridal toss bouquet:
  1. Make up a dozen simple, pretty "flowers" with candy and other materials.
  2. Tie them together with a pretty ribbon. Use a quick-release knot (like shoe-tying).
  3. The bride carries her special keepsake bouquet down the aisle.
  4. At the reception, the bride uses the candy bouquet for her "toss."
  5. Just before tossing, the bride removes the ribbon (quick-release knot).
  6. When the bouquet is tossed, a dozen "flowers" fly about.
  7. Everyone gets a "flower." No one gets left out.
  8. The kids (and anyone else) can eat the candy. Nothing goes to waste.
You get the idea. When you learn how to make candy bouquets you can enjoy your creativity, amaze your friends, pull your family together for fun family crafts, and even sell them for money.

Lots of possibilities!

And guess what?

You can learn for free!

See the sidebar for a free e-mail mini-course covering six different candy bouquets and decorations.

They are sent one at a time, a few days apart.

This illustrated mini-course will guide you gently through the process of making each lovely candy creation.

If your e-mail is limited, no problem. The e-mails themselves are small simple text messages. Each bears the web address (URL) of its lesson. The lessons are printable, so you are not tied to your computer.

By the way, your e-mail address will be used ONLY for this mini-course. It will not be sold or otherwise shared with anyone else. When the course completes, the e-mails stop. The course includes provisions for questions and comments, if you wish.

Try it today!

Learn to make your own beautiful candy bouquets!